Friday, May 21, 2010

So I started taking pictures of the baby Blue Jays that came into this world in the rafters of my porch on May 3rd, not quite 3 weeks ago. Today they are almost full grown which I think is amazing. The second picture is taken on the 11th at which point they're basically adorable. I mean they're not little yellow baby ducklings or anything but still the fact that they just started opening their eyes and have a constant look of tired bewilderment on their faces is cute to me. And the fact that they were hatched literally 6 feet from my front door makes me a little protective of the idea that they're basically cute as fuck.

1 comment:

  1. 1. The fact that you have taken on the role as Father Bird is entertaining. And perplexing.

    2. Props for saing "cute as fuck" AND having a penis attached to you. Again, perplexing.

    3. I will say for the record that birds kind of freak me out. I have this fear that they are either going to peck me to death or shit on me. Which, coincidentally, are the same fears I have of my husband. I think you'd agree that this also, is perplexing.