Saturday, June 19, 2010

So my friend Tony came in to work tonight and I kept trying to repeat this joke I had just heard because I work with a bunch of guys who do nothing but tell jokes all night. And I couldn't remember how it ended but I knew it was really stupid so now that I can remember it it's going in my blog (it's a nursery rhyme):

Mary had a little lamb,
Who lived in her back yard,
And every time she bent over,
His woolly dick got hard.

It's really stupid. I mean really, really stupid and I know it, but I have to repeat jokes when I hear them no matter how stupid they are so sue me. And guess what... if you try to repeat it I bet you'll forget the last line.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here is a recent email Craig sent out to some of his friends and family:

Hi Everyone,

As you may or may not know, I’ve moved. Aaron and I decided to take the plunge. We found a nice duplex on the Westside. It’s THE place to live if you’re gonna live in Santa Cruz. We’re about five blocks from the beach and can hear the sea lions barking on the wharf. We’ve also got a HUGE window in our living room to watch those boys from the beach go by! Eye candy is the best kind. NO CALORIES! I’m attaching a pic of our new place. Note the easy care front yard and my EXTRA handsome man standing on the porch!

On another note, because Aaron insists on me being fiscally responsible, I’m taking donations towards the purchase of a new flat screen tv. CRT’s are so last century and are only one or two steps above indoor plumbing and electricity. If you need an additional incentive, my birthday’s coming up soon. J

Lastly, I suppose I should give you my new address as that is the actual reason for this email.


Lotsa Love


So needless to say, firstly we have moved in together, and second Craig is obviously a more adept communicator than I am lately. If you don't know that we have been looking for a place to live together for the past couple months all I can say is sorry I am bad at keeping in touch with anyone that doesn't live within a 50 mile radius.  And my writing sucks lately as anyone who reads my blog can tell so compared to that anything looks good. Way to go Craig for picking up the slack. I love you.