Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can blogging cure insomnia? I hope so. Here's 4 memories I keep obsessing over, I don't know why:
1) I had my first girlfriend when I was six. She was four and her name was Jessica. We always hung out together at school and I think it was after school because she wasn't in school yet and she came with her mom to pick up her older sister and I was waiting for my mom to take me home. I think this was the scenario. Once someone asked me why I always hung out with her and if she was my girlfriend. I was gonna say no cause I thought I was being made fun of but before I could say it she said yes so what's the big deal? Years later my best friend and I both had a crush on her and would both bring her flowers and leave them in her cubby before school started. I talked my best friend into having a crush on her after he told me he had a crush on my cousin and I got really jealous. His name was Willus.
2) My principal when I was in 4th and 5th grade was gay. He ended up getting a boyfriend who was either underage or just barely 18 and hadn't graduated from high school and they lived together and the guy enrolled in the high school. A kid saw them kissing in his office once.
3) When I was in high school I was staying over at the house a friend was house sitting and it was him and a guy I had a huge crush on and this girl savannah. We were drinking and I passed out in one of the bedrooms and in the middle of the night had to get up to get a glass of water. When I went out and turned on the light the guy I had a crush on was having sex with or was very close to having sex with the girl and I totally walked in on them... they were laughing and I was fucking shocked. After I went back and lied down I couldn't get the fact that he was having sex with her out of my head and I couldn't sleep. It was torturous.
4) Also when I was in high school: I was hitch-hiking home and was really stoned and couldn't take my eyes off the clouds in the sky... they looked amazing. I just had to keep looking up at them. I sat against a guardrail with my thumb out and my head turned up to the sky and after a while I looked down and saw that a car had stopped. I didn't know how long they had been there so I ran to catch them. It was two guys from school and they offered to give me a ride home. On the way I kept watching the clouds and tried to tell them how amazing they looked but they didn't seem to understand.

No wonder I was so depressed in high school. I wrote a short poem about this:

Hitch-hiking stoned, trying to get home,
But the clouds were all that kept my attention,
Let the cars go by, just let me see these clouds today.

I was once on a path. I thought it was a path of knowledge but I realised recently that it wasn't for knowledge that I worked so hard. I studied hard and did really well in school and I loved math. I took only honors classes when they were available and the other honor students were in all my classes. It wasn't hard- I was good at it. But I really didn't ever get it all. I skimmed over stuff because I didn't really understand it. To this day I can't remember what I learned in any history classes. Physics and Chemisty are a mystery to me. I didn't always get math but I did enough good work to usually get A's. What I realised is that I didn't really love the learning or the knowledge, I just loved the success. I loved being perceived as smart because of my classes and my grades. This is really weird and I think it's because I can't sleep and my brain is obsessing over these memories and analysing my life but the thing is once I discovered the carnality available in the world that I could have access to, it replaced this desire for success I had. I don't just mean sex which this usually means, but all pleasures in life. I abandoned this path that would have given me greater opportunities but I had no passion for. And I began to pursue hedonistic pleasures that give me compulsion to say to myself that I got on this ride and now that it's going I'm gonna ride it out to the end and keep looking forward. It's not that I don't have an appreciation for more complex ideas or learning. I think now I even appreciate those things more because I see them honestly, instead of telling myself I appreciated them when this was really just the facade of being in love with success which was always based on other peoples perspectives.

The iPad makes computers seem more unworldly and amazing to me now. It's not what you would have thought of a computer being. It has no disk drive, no keyboard, no wires. Maybe I'm just buying the hype and it's not really amazing but I don't usually fall for that. I think it's the fact that it's undefinable what the thing really is... is it a computer? It's not what you think of a computer being- it has much different characteristics. And it's more nimble. I think that's what gets me.

Google has two different website layouts at any one time. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? The google search page is my home page and when I click on 'home' it takes me to one layout, but if I type in '' in the address bar it takes me to a different layout. But both have the URL ''. WTF? Here's one:
and the other:

If you got this far and you're still reading I want to do a survey. Respond and tell me who your favorite character from Six Feet Under is and why.  This means you.

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  1. So yeah. I've never seen Six Feet Under. Sorry, I'm a loser. I hardly ever watch TV actually. The only shows I make a concentrated effort into watching are: True Blood (obviously. I love me some randy inappropriate sex and gore.), Arrested Development (when it was I live vicariously through DVD's..), Curb Your Enthusiasm and (dork factor..) America: The Story of Us.

    Now before you knock my dork show- I will admit willingly that I had no idea what any war in our history was about and quite honestly I have no idea why anything in this country is the way it is. SHAME. But it was taught by a retard in my high school and I was too busy staring at the boy three rows down from me. BUT this show is fabulous. They make it super interesting. I love the South but dammit- those people are dumb as hell. And I can say that being born in the South and 90% of my family is down there. That gives me some cred. ;)