Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm a bad blogger. I can't even keep up a once a week commitment.

So here's this game I invented. It's called 'Yawn'. This might not be a good game to play when you're somewhere where you don't want to offend anyone because just randomly saying things that have no relationship to what anyone else is talking about in certain situations can be a little off putting, but if you don't care about that then you're all good.
When you're at the dinner table or sitting down to have some drinks or somewhere where you're with a few people just say out loud 'yawn'. Say it loud enough for everyone to hear. Eventually someone in the group will give in, given the subconscious suggestion by you mentioning yawning. And then is your opportunity to bust their balls and give them shit- assuming this is something you enjoy like me, otherwise you can just take odds on who will be the first to break. If this sounds boring to you there are other versions I considered but they don't seem to have as reliable results. 'Vomit', 'Cry', and 'Spontaneously Combust' were a few.


  1. I already do this. Usually at meetings for work. It's a miracle I haven't been fired yet.

  2. Stand on a corner and just point up... tons of people will look and stop.