Saturday, June 19, 2010

So my friend Tony came in to work tonight and I kept trying to repeat this joke I had just heard because I work with a bunch of guys who do nothing but tell jokes all night. And I couldn't remember how it ended but I knew it was really stupid so now that I can remember it it's going in my blog (it's a nursery rhyme):

Mary had a little lamb,
Who lived in her back yard,
And every time she bent over,
His woolly dick got hard.

It's really stupid. I mean really, really stupid and I know it, but I have to repeat jokes when I hear them no matter how stupid they are so sue me. And guess what... if you try to repeat it I bet you'll forget the last line.


  1. My friend texted me this last night:

    "In 2010 the US is going to ship retards out of the country. My eyes watered at the thought of losing you. Take your crayons."

    Nice. So I had to reply:
    "Thankfully I'll be in Chicago watching the Kings of Leon and acting a damn fool. I'm sad I can't go with you but I hope you can take Ryan (her fiance). I heard retards get taken advantage of."

    She then told me I was a bitch. I consider that a WIN. I will have to tell my hubs about this joke. He tells me filthy jokes and never understands why I'm not laughing hysterically. I firmly believe that 90% of jokes require a penis to get. Coincidentally- I do love me some stand up comedy anyways. I don't know how my mind works.

  2. Also- you need to Google "Alexander Skarsgard" to see Vampire Eric's picture. We saw his ass in the last episode and I'm sorry- but I need to see the front.

    You also need to make it a point to watch True Blood on Sundays. Free porn WITH a really good story line. I don't know that it gets better than that.

  3. Yes, a very stupid nursery rhyme. You say you went to colloege. HHHMMMM

  4. Dear bestie,
    Where are you? Have you died? I miss your posts.