Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OK so this blog has turned out to not be a daily thing because I'm more ambitious in planning than disciplined in execution. But the idea is to do more exciting or novel things so I can write about new things I've never done before and have it be worth reading so I think the real problem is inspiration not motivation. It takes work to always find new things to do but the world is not delivered to you when you sit and wait for it. So here are the things I've done in the last few days that I've never done before:

1. Went to an Easter brunch and should have stayed longer because it was fun to have some drinks and hang with the cool people I haven't seen in way too long... then for some reason left and drove two hours to have Easter dinner with my cousins and some family where we tried to think of Chuck Norrissisms, talked extensively about Betty White's comeback and ate a ton of food at a table that looked like it was decorated by Liberace.

2. Got my car out of impound. Fun.

3. Woke up from a dream in which I was reciting a poem and wrote down the lines that went like this:
In the morning a message washes up on shore
Telling what the future will hold,
Throughout the day so many bottles wash up on the shore
That the ocean becomes a sea of change.

It's not really much of a poem but for some reason It really moved me and I kept running it through my head after I had woken up.

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